About Us

In the insurance world, success is built on a solid foundation of customer service. When that foundation is created by the coming together of two well-respected companies with service as their shared focus, the customer is the greatest beneficiary.
In 1987. Hope-Kallio Insurance Brokers Ltd., owned by Bill Hope and Harder & Company, founded in 1954 by Erwin Harder and owned by David Harder, joined in a partnership to become Hope & Harder Insurance Brokers. 
Long-time Niagara residents, David Harder and Bill Hope not only share an in-depth understanding of the needs of local residents and businesses, but also a dedication to working closely with every client to ensure that claims are handled promptly and well and that proper insurance coverage is recommended. 
In order to offer full service across Niagara, Hope & Harder now operates in four locations - St. Catharines., Virgil, Thorold, and Crystal Beach.  The partnership is proud of its many long-term client relationships, some of whom were originally secured more than 40 years ago.