Opening your Cottage

The long awaited May long weekend is finally here. If you are headed north to open your cottage, here are a few tips to get your cottage season off to a great start …

  • Before you leave, a list will help ensure you pack everything you need
  • When you get there – check for unwanted visitors. If you notice signs of an animal, use caution when you enter
  • Before turning on your utilities do a safety check to make sure everything is in order
  • Check smoke detectors  – time to put in fresh batteries. Make sure your fire extinguisher is charged
  • Inspect cupboards, closets and dressers for evidence of mice
  • Inspect ceilings for water leaks
  • You will most likely have some work to do. Make a list of repairs etc and supplies you will need so you only have to make one trip to the store
  • Once your chores are done, you can finally unpack,  hit the deck chair and settle in for another great summer at the lake

Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash