Home Safety Tips

If you are a homeowner, here are some tips to equip your home for maximum safety protection. Some are required by law and other for added security and peace of mind. 

Whether you live in a detached home, condo or apartment there is safety equipment that you should have to protect yourself and your family. 

Smoke detector/fire alarm - as per the Ontario Fire Code every home must have working smoke detectors on every storey and outside sleeping areas. Non-compliance could result in a ticket of $360 or a fine up to $50,000, Remember to check your batteries periodically to make sure they are in good working order. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector - If your home has any oil, propane or gas-burning appliances, furnace, water heater, fireplace, or an attached garage or carport, you must have working carbon monoxide alarms installed near sleeping areas. This now applies to ALL residential buildings according to the Ontario Fire Code and Ontario Building Code. Carbon Monoxide alarms must be maintained in operating conditions at all times and may not be disabled. 

Fire Extinguishers - It's a good idea to place fire extinguishers in several areas of your home - the kitchen, near a wood burning appliance and in the garage. Everyone in the home should know how to use them properly. 

Emergency Egress Equipment - if your home has an upper story, here are some ideas to get you safely to the ground if any emergency forces you to exit from an upper floor; plug-in rechargeable flashlights, drop-down ladders that attach to a window sill, fire hoods and window breaking tools. 

Home Safe - if you do not have a fireproof safe and want to protect important documents from fire here is a DIY idea; pack your documents inside a plastic zip lock bag and place in a metal cookie tin in your refrigerator or freezer. 

Having the right safety equipment in your home is one more way to protect you and your family. 

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