Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here – that time of year when all the little ghosts & goblins will be trick or treating at your door. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure everyone stays safe on this fun night:

Your Home – Make sure there is a clear and safe path to your door. Avoid possible tripping hazards with careful decorating – keep extension cords and decorations away from your walkway, clear debris in your yard and make sure all steps, stones and railings are secured safely.
Don’t use candles for or in your decorations. Consider battery operated lights in your pumpkins.
Choose the Right Costume – Look for costumes labelled flame-resistant. Avoid flowing capes, skirts and oversized costumes that may be a tripping hazard. Pick white or brightly coloured costumes and add reflective tape for extra visibility. Use makeup instead of masks which may impair your child’s vision. Choose costumes that fit well and can be worn over warm clothing. Give your child a flashlight to carry.
Stay Safe While Trick or Treating – Teach your children to stay visible and to be aware of their surroundings. They should always stay within well light areas, only visiting homes with lights on and never go inside someone’s home. Accompany your children trick or treating until they are mature enough to go out with a group of friends. Remind your children to look both ways and only cross a street when no cars are coming and never cross between parked cars.
Check that Candy – Children should not consume their Halloween candy loot until you have carefully inspected it. Discard any unwrapped candy and look for any signs of packaging that may have been tampered with.
Drivers – Use extra caution while driving on Halloween night. Slow down, especially in residential neighbourhoods – children are excited and therefore unpredictable. Take extra time entering and exiting driveways, etc.