Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes Insurance Coverages


There are many ways people can earn cash using their personal vehicles. One of the more popular methods is food delivery with services such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes delivering food to consumers directly from their favorite restaurant.
The key is that most people need to be aware in the event you start to drive for one of these services, you need to make sure you have the right coverage or things can go awry.

Car Insurance is Voided
If an insurance company finds out you are using your personal vehicle to delivery goods, they have several ways to cancel. They can issue a registered letter, giving you 15 day notice of cancellation or a 5 day notice hand delivered.
If what you claim the car is used for is drastically different than its actual use, the insurance company can cancel the policy for material misrepresentation.  This does stay on your insurance record and will affect your premium for several years after.
Accident Coverage is Denied
If you do get into an accident while on delivery with an improper class of insurance, the insurance company could deny your claim. Depending on the damages and fault, this could end up costing a lot of money out of your own pocket.
Get the Right Coverage
With the right coverage the above scenarios cannot happen. If you have any questions, contact one of Brokers here.