Preparing your Boat for Winter

Fall is here and there is a chill in the air. Time to think about storing your boat for the winter.
The normal marine policy requirement is that your boat must be winterized during the period from Nov 30th to April 1.
Many marine insurance companies also have a stipulation that loss or damage caused by freezing during the layup period will not be covered unless the winter storage preparation has been done through a marina or a professional watercraft repairer.
A few tips for your boat’s winter layup:

  • Insure your boat year round to protect you from a possible claim throughout the winter months
  • Prepare your vessel for winter. Remove all your tools, belongings, fishing equipment and water sports equipment
  • Have your marina or a licensed professional winterize your boat and keep all your receipts in the event of a claim
  • Have your trailer hitch made inoperable with a dedicated locking device
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